Conveyancing Services and Leasing Around the Gap

At Hollingworth & Spencer Lawyers we have a dedicated conveyancing team servicing both The Gap and Samford.

Our conveyancing team has over 10 years of combined experience in all aspects of conveyancing.

At Hollingworth & Spencer Lawyers we aim to provide a professional and friendly approach to our clients. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients to ensure that all conveyancing transactions are as stress-free as possible.

Signing a contract to buy a home or investment property may seem straightforward. After all, people do it every day. Unfortunately, as solicitors, we are regularly called upon to help clients who have been caught out by signing contracts which do not always reflect what they thought that they were agreeing to. We recommend that before you sign any contract you have a solicitor consider these sorts of issues with you:

  • Does the contract correctly identify you and the property?Happy couple who came to us for leasing around the Gap
  • Are all the items that you intend to acquire with the property (for example dishwasher, pool equipment) actually included in the contract?
  • Is the contract subject to finance?
  • Is the contract subject to a building and pest inspector’s report?
  • Do you need to ensure that the sale of your current home is completed before you can settle the purchase of your new home?

At Hollingworth & Spencer we are happy to review any standard sale or residential contract prior to signature as part of our standard conveyancing retainer. Review of a proposed contract is part of our allowance of half an hour of solicitor’s time included with each fixed fee conveyance.

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